Obama’s Teenage Daughter Malia Spotted By a Table Filled With Alcohol


Malia Obama, 18 year old daughter of Barack Obama, president of the United States was spotted alongside group of persons playing ping pong in Maryland, United States in August.

Malia is not seen with alcohol or drinking in the photo.

Michelle Obama’s press office did not respond to a request for comment according to Daily Mail. See the photo being talked about below


Malia was spotted smoking cannabis early last month and few weeks wore a shirt tagged with “Smoking Kills”, although on that same day she was spotted alongside a bong.


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  1. Well except otherwise but every teenage under the age of 18 gets very curious to know what it feels like to be a free adult.to get to know what many things like smoking,alcohol,dating really feel like.worse still this Malia is in the most restricted environment so it’s not surprising to see get very exuberant with into her adulthood. I think it’s nice.


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